Vendor Terms & Condition

Vendor Terms & Condition

Introduction:- Welcome to Marketplace, it’s a leading platform in UAE region for online sales. The Site’s owner and operator with their legal name “Barakah Portal” & Branch “SouqArena FZC –LLC” registered in the United Arab Emirates, with its office located at Dubai & Ajman in the UAE.

If you are manufacture, vendor or seller, simply sell your products online on SouqArena and make yourself a top player in e-commerce with minimum investment. As a vendor, our Platform, services and software, including our mobile application, can be accessed and used for direct selling to customers on the Web.

Via a team of experts who deliver exclusive seller seminars, training and assistance for sellers, SouqArena aims to motivate sellers across UAE.

Through accessing, registering and/or using or using our Services, You consent to be bound immediately by these Seller Terms.

  1. Right & Reservation: - reserves the right to modify or amend the terms &Conditions & Seller shall be informed at least 7 Days prior. It is seller duty to keep updated there self. Any activity or suspicion can cause your cancellation.
  2. Seller Information:- While registration on the the seller must have to fill correct information about their Business like (Name, Trade License, Passport Copy UAE ID etc.). If the seller fill wrong information about their work or personal then their account will canceled from our side also if SouqArena face any loss by that then all the amount will recovered from the seller side.

3 Product listing:-

3 (a) Images with Description: The listing page is where the majority of buyers get their details about an item & Seller will update and maintain the product listing, Photographs are the most important part of a product listing, along with the description. Seller should upload good images (without watermarks or copyrights) and correct & full details of the product Images help consumers to see just what they are getting and precise information they may be looking for.

Images are especially valuable when selling goods, as they allow the buyer to see the actual model look & packaging of the item along with other information such as color. It is the responsibility of the seller to preserve legality when upgrading the goods or using SouqArena sells with Us Services.

3(b) Transparency in Product Description: Seller should Identify any flaws or shortcomings in the item & describe while listing this helps to prevent problems or customer dissatisfaction & also the product detail lets the buyers determine what to buy and know what to expect when the item is received.

3(c) Authentic Product: Its seller responsibility that listed product should be genuine or authentic; product is not to be prohibited by law if any issues related to product on any aspects mentioned by the customers then SouqArena not responsible for that. SouqArena does not disclose any product related issues on any of the aspects listed. This will be solely the liability of the seller.

  1. Commission:- We will charge a sales commission to the seller for all sales transactions based on the selling price (excluding applicable VAT) with different commission fees per product category and product.
  2. Product Packaging in fine condition:-Its seller’s responsibility to check item physically, item or packaging shouldn’t be damaged or in bad condition & and the accessories related to the product should be complete.
  3. Returns:- If you choose to accept returns, Any reason a buyer may return an item, Even if they're changing their minds about buying. As long as the return meets your stated requirements for return, you have to respect your return. If you don’t want to accept return, so in the time of publishing you can mention. that product is Non-Returnable. But you can increase more chance to sell your product, if you will give easy return option to buyer. SouqArena won’t accept the damaged / used / unboxed physical items from customer; it's going to be returned to customer. If customer gets it is in the resell condition or wrong product or issues with product then it will be returned to seller.
  4. Delivery of products:- After receiving order notification, the seller will deliver the product to us within 24 hours, as we are committed to the buyer for quick Delivery.
  5. Payment Settlement:- The seller payment process will take up to 15 working days of delivery, the seller will get their Payment in full & final settlements.
  6. Complaints:- If there is any complaints from customer side regarding the product then seller must be resolve it within 2 working days.
  7. Updating the Product:- The products which are added by the seller in his/her dashboard, must updated & well maintained by the seller only with the good images & proper details.

If you are refusing to fulfill the order of customer under the following condition,

  1. Product is not updated on dashboard like from seller side product is of stock but seller didn’t updated it on dashboard & customer orders that particular product then Vendor/Seller will be charged 100% commission of that product category.
  2. In the case of wrong price mentioned on product by SouqArena will not responsible for that.

11.Prohibited Item’s:- SouqArena FZC LLC didn’t allow or promote to sell the products which are Hazardous to people health & safety.

  1. Approval of Product:- Once the seller submit his product on the dashboard, the SouqArena team will check it and if they find a flaw, then they have rights to decline the approval for product.
  2. Contract:- The agreement between Seller & SouqArena is valid for 1 year from the date of signing, contract is mutually agreed by both parties and it will expire after 12 month from the date of contract.
  3. Shipping Fees:- After order confirmation if vendor/seller not able to deliver the product to our warehouse, Souqarena will pick that product from their point. Which will be chargeable as below:-

There will be 5% charge which applicable on product value under or equal to AED100, if product value is above AED 100, maximum charge will be AED 5 .

  1. Service:- SouqArena will be given various type of free services to their seller if customer ordered any product from your seller account then we collect the product from your place & deliver to the customer.
  2. Termination:- This agreement can be terminated by the subject to the violation of any of the point mentioned above.